A western cyclist leans against a building with an Indian bicycle painted on it during a bicycle tour of South India.

Rest stops


Why not take extra rest stops in characteristic / beautiful places? They sure make great photo op...

Diagonal line


The diagonal line of this desert road helps draw the viewer’s eye through the image. It also ad...

Continuous mode


Use the camera in continuous mode when you want to capture someone speeding past, as this increas...

Jukka Salminen in South America

Jukka Salminen


Jukka writes: My dad introduced me to bicycle touring at a young age. Together we undertook week ...

A hotel room in India

Hotel rooms


In hotel rooms, try taking pictures of daily routines such as route planning, reading a book and ...

Scanning the road


When you come across some beautiful scenery alongside the road, first look up and down the road t...

Downsizing tips


Tips and tricks over downsizing from our own experience and others who took the plunge and manage...

Ben Page


Ben is a multi-award winning filmmaker, adventurer, and photographer based in the UK. He spends h...

Heike Pirngruber photographer cyclist

Heike Pirngruber


Heike aka ‘Pushbikegirl’ is from Heidelberg, Germany. She’s pedaled over 50 countries, 75.0...

Eric Timmerman and Olivia Cuenca from Riding Wild in Georgia

Eric Timmerman


In the spring of 2016, Eric Timmerman and Olivia Cuenca set off to ride their bicycles around the...

Sense of place


Cycle touring isn’t just about racing up and over mountain passes. Experiencing new cultures is...

Cinderella Servranckx

Cindy Servranckx


I’m Dutch, born in 1972, and love adventure in the form of traveling and diving deeper and deep...



To end up with great pictures, shoot from many different perspectives, camera standpoints and eve...

Nicolas Marino camping in the Egyptian desert.

Nicolás Marino


Originally from Argentina, I am a photographer and architect who travels the world by bicycle, sp...



When photographing kids, you have to work quickly. Children have a short attention span and after...

Mike Howarth's bike leans against a bridge in Peru.

Mike Howarth


Mike talks about his past journey through South America and the Indian Himalaya: “It is fair to...

Glen Charles bike camping on a beach in Alaska.

Glenn Charles


Glenn spent his first 40 years living what he thought was the American Dream; he now says he’s ...

Bright colors


Many cyclists wear dark colored clothing since it’s great for hiding dirt. Yet it also hides th...

Mark Watson and Hana Black cycle through Indonesia.

Mark Watson


Mark is from New Zealand and he’s a freelance photographer plus graphic designer. He shoots image...

Amaya Williams and Eric Schambion cycling in Borneo

Amaya Williams


Amaya was born in Missoula, Montana. In 2006, she and her husband, Eric Schambion, began pedaling...

Travel photo tips


  To tell the complete story of your journey, you will want to take pictures of more than just yo...



Sure you want to take a picture of the entire downhill, but why not also zoom in on the switchbac...



Copyright law states that copyright belongs to whoever took the image and only they have the sole...

Stephane Girard cycling through the mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Stéphane Girard


Stéphane writes: “Like many people on this page, I am a bicycle and photography enthusiast. I ne...

John Freeman camping on a bike trip through Iceland

John Freeman


John writes: “I am an enthusiastic hiker and cyclist and whenever possible I enjoy combining phot...

Cycling in Canada from Eric Schambion

Eric Schambion


Eric and Amaya gave up their regular lives in 2006 to become bicycle nomads and cycle around the ...

Model release


Companies want a model release signed by the person in the image before they will publish it in a...

Cycling the Salar from Solidream



Photo taken by Siphay Vera / Solidream Solidream is a project by a group of friends from France (...

Russ Roca


Formerly known as the “eco-friendly bicycling photographer” of Long Beach, I’ve since traveled 10...

Filthy bike repair hands.



Keep an eye out for funny situations. They might not seem humorous at the time but afterwards the...

Cass Gilber cycling in Peru

Cass Gilbert


Cass writes: “I’m an avid traveller and cyclist and have been touring regularly for the last ...

Photo backup


A backup isn’t just having all of your trip photographs on one hard drive. You need to store mu...

Patick Hugens cycling in India.

Patrick Hugens


When they aren’t on a bike trip, Patrick is an architect and his wife Rachel is an operating ro...

Cycling in Morocco

Converging lines


Roads that start wide and end in a point (converging lines) give your image a three-dimensional e...

Snake on bicycle by Daisuke Nakanishi

Daisuke Nakanishi


Daisuke is from Osaka, Japan. He is a traveler in search of new friends and world peace. He worke...

Cycling in Iceland from Willem Megens

Willem Megens


Willem writes: “It must have been in 1984 when I was on vacation with my parents in Wallis, Switz...

Cycling in America from Adam Coppola

Adam Coppola


Adam specializes in product, outdoor and wedding photography. In January 2011 Adam, together with...

Camera equipment


“There are as many different ways of making an enjoyable bicycle journey as there are stars in ...

A cycling self portrait in China

Self portraits


Two things are important when taking self-portraits; a small camera tripod and extra time. The tr...

Cycling in Bolivia from Rick Galezowski

Rick Galezowski


Rick and his partner Maggie Bennedsen are architects who come from Toronto, Canada. They have tou...

Cycling photo from Aaron Teasdale.

Aaron Teasdale


Aaron is an award winning writer, photographer, and editor who specializes in adventure travel, c...

Cycling picture from Gregg Bleakney

Gregg Bleakney


Gregg is a photographer and writer who specializes in bicycle touring, cycling and adventure trav...

Claude Marthaler


When he’s not exploring the world by bike, Claude lives in Geneva, where he was born in 1960. A...

Cycling in Iceland photo from Paul van Roekel.

Paul van Roekel


Paul and his wife Anja de Graaf are two cycling and photography enthusiasts who once did a two-ye...

Bicycle touring photo from Kees Swart.

Kees Swart


Kees is a fervent traveler and photographer who has cycled through Europe and Africa. He writes, ...

Bike camping photo from Tom Allen.

Tom Allen


I began adventure cycle touring in 2007. After my first rite-of-passage ride across Europe to Tur...

Bicycle camping picture from Peter Gostelow.

Peter Gostelow


My interest in photography began with a backpacking trip to Africa and a simple APS camera. Most ...