“There are as many different ways of making an enjoyable bicycle journey as there are stars in the sky. I’ve yet to meet two cyclists who could agree on what equipment to carry.” ~ Nicholas Crane

The same holds true for cycling photographers. The amount and weight of camera equipment that you want to carry is dependent on a number of factors such as how much you plan on using your camera and what type of images you want to take.

A good starting point in deciding which gear to bring is to visit the website of Cass Gilbert. He regularly reviews different types of cameras, lenses and how they have performed on tour.

A few tips for on the road:

When cycling through deserts it’s important to regularly check that your digital camera sensor is free of dust. This can be done by photographing a clear sky and inspecting the picture afterward. Dust spots can easily be removed from the sensor with an arctic butterfly.

Wrap pieces of brightly colored tape around your camera’s electrical cables. This way it’s easier to differentiate them from your hotel’s electrical cords and you’re less likely to leave them behind.

Download our free Bicycle Touring Photography guide. It’s full of tips and tricks that will aid you in shooting better cycling images.