I’m Dutch, born in 1972, and love adventure in the form of traveling and diving deeper and deeper into this beautiful place called Earth.

As a little girl, I liked nothing more than building huts, following arrows chalked on the ground, painting, queerly dressing up, playing outside and discovering all that’s surrounding me, often resulting in me being lost and bruised but shining with new observations. Nothing has changed ever since.

On holidays my parents hung a little green army backpack over my tiny shoulders and off we were, on the hills in Austria, finding our way between grazing cows, all the while thinking about the banana in my backpack, until I forgot about it, being dipped in nature and it’s beauties.

I studied art (drawing and painting for advertising design) and fashion design. Those were 6 great years in Antwerp, Belgium. I managed to work 3 years as a photographer before I realized this was not it for me…

My desire to wander into the vast world has never changed. It has always been my dream to travel, to admire, the be in awe by nature, to witness, to find out, not to start a family nor being a mother, neither being confined to one space. Restless? Perhaps. For many years I took public transport until I noticed what I missed out on, and after having been to many countries, I started to save money for a new adventure: riding the world on a bicycle.

I haven’t had one minute of regret, for me, this is the ultimate way of traveling. Slow enough to plunge in the countries atmosphere, fast enough to make a decent amount of kilometers. Definitely not the easiest, but far out the most rewarding!

http://cyclingcindy.com and  www.instagram.com/cinderellaservranckx