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Laos – temples


Entering Luang Prabang’s historic wats gave the feeling of stepping back in time.

Or as another cyclist put it, “I’m not a temple person. But then I thought; do I want to start pedaling over the hills again or visit an ancient wat. Buddha won!”

Another Luang Prabang impression:

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India – Chalukyan caves


High above the town lie the Chalukyan cave temples. They are architectural masterpieces dedicated to the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions.

Inside the atmosphere is peaceful, almost too quiet.

That led us to forgot about the tribe of  monkeys that were waiting for us to come out…

More Badami impressions:

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India – Hemis Monastery


A monk gave us a private tour of Hemis Monastery which contains a spectacular collection of ancient Tibetan relics and manuscripts.

We felt we had stepped back in time as we viewed the dust-covered statues and faded murals.

More monastery impressions:

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India – Thiksey Monastery


Thiksey is the largest monastery in Ladakh and houses a 49 ft. high statue of Maitreya Buddha.

We ended up spending a couple of days exploring the monastery and enjoying the fantastic view over the Leh valley.

More monastery impressions:

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India – Shekhawati


Shekhawati’s mansions are decorated with lavish designs and whimsical murals.

The more ornamental the painting, the richer and more powerful the owners were.

Another Shekhawati impression:

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India – Pushkar


Pushkar has numerous temples and bathing ghats.

The whole town literally hums to the sound of prayers, gongs, drums, and chanting.

Another Pushkar impression:

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India – Taj Mahal


We arrived at dawn.

As the sun rose, the Taj’s appearance continually changed.

With every shift of light and perspective, another magnificent Taj Mahal came into view.

More Agra impressions:

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India – Jaisalmer

Golden city

The fortress of Jaisalmer rose like a mirage from the desert.

Coming closer, it was as if we had traveled back in time. Straight into the fairy tale of 1001 nights.

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India – Fatehpur Sikri


The “Gate of Victory” was built to honor the Moghul emperor Akbar.

This monumental entrance leads to the now deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri.

It’s a stunning complex full of palaces, ornamental pools, and elaborate carvings.

Another Fatehpur Sikri impression:

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Nepal – Kathmandu


Arriving in Kathmandu, we were overwhelmed by the colorful chaos.

Cows and rickshaws wandered through narrow alleyways while open-air markets filled the streets.

More Kathmandu impressions:

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Nepal – children


Nepalese children have turned the valley’s streets into a playground.

They fly kites, climb up statues and enjoy clowning around with tourists.

More Kathmandu impressions:

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Nepal – Bhaktapur


The timeless air of Bhaktapur made it a perfect place for a break.

We spent days wandering the cobblestone streets and sitting on temple steps observing life around us.

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