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Nepal – architecture


Temples in the Kathmandu Valley are overloaded with golden statues and ornate woodwork.

In the West, these elegant sculptures and carvings would be locked away in a museum, but not here!

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Morocco – bicycle touring


Some cyclists think you have to fly to the other side of the globe to experience a completely different culture.

But that’s not true. You can go to Morocco.

And why not? The country has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

Combined with gorgeous architecture and hospitable people, it’s a winning combination.

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Morocco Marrakesh

Morrocco marrakech night market
Morrocco marrakech night market - copy
Morrocco marrakech night market - copy - copy
Morrocco marrakech night market - copy - copy - copy


Evenings in the Djemaa El Fna, are pure street theatre wherein everyone has a role.

Musicians play, snake-charmers entertain while restaurants fire up their grills and beckon strolling tourists to come taste their fare.

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Morocco evening


As night falls, the lights go on in Taddert’s main street.

There’s an air of expectancy as everyone waits for the busses to arrive.

The town is the favourite meal stop of people traveling over the Tizi n’Tichka pass.

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Morocco cycling


From the summit of Tizi n’Tichka we took the backroad down to Aït Benhaddou.

The route is stunning, especially the contrast between the verdent green valley floor and the surrounding mountains.

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Royal barges


Thais were gathered on the river banks, waiting for something. But we couldn’t find out what.

Then the Royal barge procession began.

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East-Africa – rain-tent


After pedaling through a thunderstorm, we were exhausted and sought shelter in a school room.

We quickly ate and crawled in our tent for the night.

But the locals had other ideas. “This is not comfortable! You must come and sleep by the village headman” they declared.

We tried to reassure them, but an hour later the chief arrived. It took nearly an hour to convince him that we were fine.

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East-Africa – mosquito-net


The only guesthouse in town had just a single room over.

We tossed a coin as to who got the bed. I won.

My sleeping mat is comfortable and above all, clean!

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Nepal – hotel


Blue is a ‘calming’ color yet our hotel room was anything but.

Paul opened the door for some ventilation. In wafted the scent of the toilet down the hall.

Then he opened the window. “Honk, honk! Bam, bam, bam!” echoed through the room.

We gave up and went into ‘meditation mode’, repeating the mantra; “Tomorrow we leave at daybreak!”

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World – bicycle touring

Some of our favorite bicycle touring pictures from around the globe.

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World – bicycle culture

Some of our favorite bike culture pictures from around the globe.

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Bangladesh – bicycle culture


Rickshaws vastly outnumber two-wheelers in towns, whereas bicycles are more common in the countryside.

They’re used to travel to outlying places from where you can’t flag down a three-wheeler to get back home.

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Bangladesh rickshaws


If there’s one thing that’s a symbol of Bangladesh, it has to be its colorful trishaws.

These moving works of art are everywhere.

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Bangladesh – Paharpur


Paharpur dates back to the 8th century and was once the largest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalaya.

We stayed at the Paharpur guesthouse which was located inside the grounds. Early the next morning we walked alone amongst the ruins, soaking up the atmosphere.

Then the gates opened and Bangladeshi day-trippers flooded in.

As soon as they spotted us it was, “Madame, madame! Can we take our picture with you?” The attention didn’t let up until closing time.

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Bangladesh – old Dhaka

Bangladesh old dhaka
Bangladesh old dhaka - copy
Bangladesh old dhaka - copy
Bangladesh old dhaka - copy
Bangladesh old dhaka - copy
Bangladesh old dhaka - copy


The backstreets of old Dhaka are permanently clogged.

Since our touring bikes are quite narrow, we managed to manoeuver through the traffic jams.

And when we couldn’t spot an opening, friendly rickshaw chauffeurs would point to places they thought we could squeeze through.

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