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Nepal – architecture


Temples in the Kathmandu Valley are overloaded with golden statues and ornate woodwork.

In the West, these elegant sculptures and carvings would be locked away in a museum, but not here!

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Morocco – bicycle touring


Some cyclists think you have to fly to the other side of the globe to experience a completely different culture.

But that’s not true. You can go to Morocco.

And why not? The country has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

Combined with gorgeous architecture and hospitable people, it’s a winning combination.

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India – Belur


Just north of Mysore lies the Hoysala temple of Belur. It’s filled with intricate carvings of dancers, elephants and scenes from the epics.

At times, it’s completely peaceful. Then a group of pilgrims would arrive…

Noise! Chaos! A pandemonium descended as the Indians rushed around the grounds, taking selfies and running every which way.

Shortly thereafter, they left. The tranquillity was restored.

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India – Shravanabelagola


The 57ft-high statue of   Bahubali is impressive.

But what we admired the most were the small, intricate carvings that could be seen in the surrounding temples.

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India – Gangaikonda


Yes, the Gangaikonda Cholapuram is a magnificent temple.

But after having pedaled through a number of turbulent, chaotic Indian cities, what we really appreciated was it’s tranquil garden setting.

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Cambodia – Angkor Wat


The Angkor Wat temple complex is immense.

Yet it was the fine carvings and details that stuck in our memory.

It was a level of refinement that we hadn’t expected to see.

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Bangladesh rickshaws


If there’s one thing that’s a symbol of Bangladesh, it has to be its colorful trishaws.

These moving works of art are everywhere.

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Oman – bicycle touring


Oman is barren yet the diversity in desert landscapes is enormous.

After weeks of touring by bicycle, our skin dried out and we were continually covered in sand.

We had turned into desert rats.

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Oman – camping

No problem

Wild camping is legal in Oman.

Since there’s almost nobody around, we’d just pull off the road and set up our tent.

Even when we camped behind a government building, the Omanis didn’t bat an eye.

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Bolivia – bicycle touring


Bolivia isn’t the easiest destination to ride through due to the sand and high elevations.

But pedaling across the Salar de Uyuni has to be one of our all-time favorite cycling experiences!

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Argentina – bicycle touring


The never-ending Ruta 40 led us through Argentina.

Accompanied by a playlist of road trip songs that played through our heads – the miles flew by.

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Myanmar – bicycle culture


In Burma, sidecars are attached to standard bikes.

The trishaws carry everything from goods to passengers. They even make comfy spots for a bit of shut-eye.

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S.E. Asia – bicycle culture


In South-East Asia bikes aren’t only used to get from A to B.

They appear in shop windows, parades, and are even painted on garage doors.

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Laos – temples


Entering Luang Prabang’s historic wats gave the feeling of stepping back in time.

Or as another cyclist put it, “I’m not a temple person. But then I thought; do I want to start pedaling over the hills again or visit an ancient wat. Buddha won!”

Another Luang Prabang impression:

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China – bicycle culture


Chinese bikes are workhorses.

Their rusted steeds are used for transport and hauling goods.

Rarely did we see people just out for a ‘day ride.’

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