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World – bicycle culture

Some of our favorite bike culture pictures from around the globe.

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Bangladesh – bicycle culture


Rickshaws vastly outnumber two-wheelers in towns, whereas bicycles are more common in the countryside.

They’re used to travel to outlying places from where you can’t flag down a three-wheeler to get back home.

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Bangladesh rickshaws


If there’s one thing that’s a symbol of Bangladesh, it has to be its colorful trishaws.

These moving works of art are everywhere.

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Myanmar – bicycle culture


In Burma, sidecars are attached to standard bikes.

The trishaws carry everything from goods to passengers. They even make comfy spots for a bit of shut-eye.

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S.E. Asia – bicycle culture


In South-East Asia bikes aren’t only used to get from A to B.

They appear in shop windows, parades, and are even painted on garage doors.

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China – bicycle culture


Chinese bikes are workhorses.

Their rusted steeds are used for transport and hauling goods.

Rarely did we see people just out for a ‘day ride.’

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North India – bicycle culture


In North India, bicycles are used to transport goods and people.

They even use them as market stalls which can be set up on any street corner.

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South India – bicycle culture


In South India, bicycles are a prized possession which help you earn money.

Rickshaw rider, ice cream vendor, coffee salesman, you see two-wheelers everywhere.

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Nepal – bicycle culture


Bicycles help Nepalese earn a living.

They use them to transport passengers and goods.

Some rickshaw chauffeurs even sleep in their machines.

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East-Africa – bicycle culture


For East Africans bikes aren’t just for personal transport. They’re also used to haul goods, passengers and are often an undervalued workhorse.

We asked an old Tanzanian villager why we kept seeing young men cruise around on motorcycles in the evenings yet during the day we only came across cyclists.

“For young guys, motorcycles are for showing off,” he said. “But when they need to go to work in the fields or get somewhere, then they grab their dependable bicycles.”

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