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Kerala backwaters


Our tour boat glided slowly through Kerala’s backwaters.

We gazed out over palm trees, and life along the river banks.

Yes, we’ve seen similar scenes while pedaling. But here we didn’t have to worry about Tata trucks blasting past us.

Another Alleppy impression:

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Staring at the ceiling while music from the neighbouring karoake bar slowly ‘serenaded’ us to sleep.

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Shwedagon Pagoda

Mind blowing

The Shwedagon is one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites and it’s stunning! The immense gilded stupa is surrounded by temples filled with an array of Buddha statues.

There’s a constant buzz of activity as Burmese from all walks of life come here to pray, give offerings and even have their fortune told.

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Laos river boat


From Luang Prabang, we took the slow boat to Huay Xai.

It was two relaxed days of viewing life alongside the river banks; children playing, men throwing out fishing nets, and women washing clothes.

The icing on the cake was sailing by the steep hills that we no longer had to pedal over.

Another Huay Xai impression:

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Kyzyl-Aart Pass


The landscape heading up from Sary Tash is spectacular, with its multi-colored mountains and thick snow packs.

But its not a place you want to linger since multi-day storms regularly pass through…

Another Kyzyl Aart impression:

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Pamir Landscape


Vast, enormous, immense, are just some of the adjectives used to describe the scenery.

To truly appreciate it, you have to pedal it yourself.

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Ophir Pass


“Ophir Pass? It’s spectacular! You guys shouldn’t have a problem cycling up it,” said the tourist information lady reassuringly.

Perhaps she had been altitude training – or lying – because we suffered. We weren’t acclimatized and by midday, we were still struggling to reach the summit.

She was right about the scenery though. We ended up pitching our tent near the top with a panoramic view of the San Juan Mountains.

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Amber palace


The last thing we expected to see while traveling the polluted, over-crowded Delhi-Jaipur highway is Amber Fort.

It’s a beacon of elegance that rises above the Aravalli hills.

Once inside, we felt miles away from the chaos of India.

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Rental bike owners make offerings to Durga; to ensure a safe year on the road.

Another festival impression:

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Pedaling the Terai


Nepal isn’t just soaring mountains.

The Mahendra highway runs through the Terai, a strip of flat land between the Indian border and the Himalayan foothills.

It had a serene, simple beauty; so unlike the frantic chaos of neighbouring India.

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Lake Tanganyika


As the Liemba slowed down we could see the passenger boats racing to dock alongside.

It was a competition between them since they were only paid by the number of passengers and amount of freight they carried back to shore.

The scenes were reminiscent of the chariot race from Ben Hur.

Another Lake Tanganyika impression:

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