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Annapurna trek


The hike to the Annapurna sanctuary passes through traditional villages, terraced farmland and ends at Annapurna base camp with a fantastic view of the Himalayas.

It was stunning!

But… Next time we’ll wear in our hiking boots beforehand instead of buying cheap knockoffs in Kathmandu.

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A magical evening around the Bodhnath stupa.

Tibetan families came there to light candles in honor of the Buddha.

More Bodhnath impressions:

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Rental bike owners make offerings to Durga; to ensure a safe year on the road.

Another festival impression:

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In 1982 I saw a photo of Swayambhunath. It looked so exotic! I immediately resolved to one day go see it.

Years later Paul and I arrived there at dawn while Nepalese pilgrims circled the stupa.

It was better than I expected.

Another Swayambhunath impression:

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Pedaling the Terai


Nepal isn’t just soaring mountains.

The Mahendra highway runs through the Terai, a strip of flat land between the Indian border and the Himalayan foothills.

It had a serene, simple beauty; so unlike the frantic chaos of neighbouring India.

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Khusum hotel


Pfff… We hadn’t slept a wink.

Throughout the night, truck and bus drivers stopped at our hotel for a meal.

Upon leaving, they couldn’t resist revving their engines and blasting their horns.

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River crossing


The spectators were lined up and the jury was out; could the next ‘contestants’ (Western cyclists) successfully reach the other side?

They had seen the earlier ‘challenger’ flounder. He stranded midway; with his truck wheels sinking into the river mud.

The kids watched eagle-eyed as we began the crossing.

We made it! We were happy, but I’m not sure if they were…

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Cycling the foothills


Our route to India led us through Nepal’s foothills.

I still can remember stopping to look back at the vast Himalayan panorama we soon left behind.

More on the road impressions:

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