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Bus station


We were mobbed at the bus station. Everybody wanted to help us buy tickets to Medan.

Yet nobody knew when, where or even if a bus would be leaving in that direction.

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Harangaol market


Every Friday villagers from around the lake sail to Haranggaol for the weekly market.

After a day of shopping, they return with food, beer, and the latest news.

As for us, we were able to catch a lift to Samosir Island.

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Chess in Sumatra


The ‘Kasparov’ chess computer was to be ‘put to the test’.

Chess masters were summoned to the local café for the match.

The final result; ‘Kasparov’ was defeated in just under 2 minutes.

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Cycling – Sumatra


The scenery alongside the Trans-Sumatra highway gave us a new definition of the word ‘green’. Green is overwhelming, multi-hued and… Tropical.

So it’s also dreaming of a cool shower at the end of a long, hot day.

More on the road impressions:

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