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Street theatre


What was he mixing?

No idea.

But it was an entertaining piece of street theatre.

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Chance encounter


When you meet a sacred elephant on the road, just give the handler a bit of change.

In return, he’ll thank you and pray for your safe journey.

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Dhaka’s population is out on the streets, all 17 million of them.

And they’re all doing something; buying, selling, going every which way.

In the mornings, we were eager to head out and see everything.

But by evening, we were happy to be back in the peace and quiet of our hotel room.

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Rocket boat

Rocket boat

We left Dhaka while the sun set, heading downriver to Khulna.

The next morning, we woke up to see the river covered in mist. A serene, calm landscape that was in total contrast to the chaos of Dhaka.

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The back roads of Bangladesh are great for cycling!

No busses, just three-wheelers loaded up with produce and people.

They would smile and wave as they passed us.

And yes, there is nothing so ego-destroying as being overtaken by a van rickshaw carrying multiple passengers.

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