Glenn Charles

Glenn spent his first 40 years living what he thought was the American Dream; he now says he’s living life. Traveling by bike and kayak, he finds new ways to explore the world, meet new people and grow as a person. As he travels 50,000+ miles by human power, he hopes to inspire others to reconnect with nature and lead simpler, happier lives.

Glenn’s photography website.

Mark Watson

Mark is from New Zealand and he’s a freelance photographer plus graphic designer. He shoots images of travel, adventure, lifestyle, landscape, and his work can be seen on his website.

Mark writes the following about his recent Asia tour with Hana Black:

“We started our trip in China and rode overland through Sichuan, Yunnan, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. There we flew to Banda Aceh and rode the full length of Sumatra (3000km). The full trip was 13,000km in 9 months. We defined our trip by seeking mountains rather than the flats and avoided major roads as much as possible. Sometimes this meant very indirect routes as we like to explore rural areas.”

Amaya Williams

Amaya was born in Missoula, Montana. In 2006, she and her husband, Eric Schambion, began pedaling towards Africa. After reaching Capetown, they just kept on going.

Since February 2014 they have pedaled more than 145,000km through 96 countries while taking some beautiful photographs of their journey. They share these images, along with stories from the road, on their World Biking website.

Eric Schambion

Cycling in Canada from Eric Schambion
Eric and Amaya gave up their regular lives in 2006 to become bicycle nomads and cycle around the world. Since January 2013 they have cycled more than 120,000km through 93 countries while taking some beautiful photographs of their journey. They share these images, along with stories from the road, on their World Biking website.

Cass Gilbert

Cass writes:

“I’m an avid traveller and cyclist and have been touring regularly for the last 11 years. I’ve ridden from Sydney to London, across Central Asia on a tandem, through Tunisia and Morocco, around SW China and Laos, and through backcountry Cambodia. I love touring and mountain biking: my ideal journeys fuse the two, keeping to quiet dirt roads and trails.

I used to co-run a bike touring business in the Indian Himalayas and work as a bike journalist in the UK. I’m part-funding this trip by writing for bicycle magazines, and have been submitting words and pictures to Cycling Plus, What Mountain Bike, Singletrack, Adventure Cycling, Boneshaker, the CTC and”

You can follow Cass Gilbert’s current American journey via his website.

Aaron Teasdale

Aaron is an award winning writer, photographer, and editor who specializes in adventure travel, conservation, and wilderness.

His work appears in books and a diversity of magazines ranging from Bike, Powder, and Mountain Gazette to Sierra, Audubon, and Adventure Cycling. Aaron’s wide ranging explorations and wanderings, usually involve bikes, skis, backpacks, and remote places with spectacular sunsets.

Aaron’s photography website.

Paul van Roekel

Paul and his wife Anja de Graaf are two cycling and photography enthusiasts who once did a two-year world bike tour and are still leaving Holland every year for a bike trip. They are best known in the bicycle touring community for their website which contains great photos and extensive information on a number of cycling destinations.

As one reviewer said over their website, “What Paul van Roekel and Anja de Graaf did on their bicycles (North, South America, India, Namibia, and Australia) is certainly as impressive as their web pages about these travels. With pictures, so beautiful, you have to see them!”

Kees Swart

Kees is a fervent traveler and photographer who has cycled through Europe and Africa.

He writes,

“I studied photojournalism, portrait and documentary photography at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and since then I work as a freelance photographer. I always work on location and try to approach reality without manipulating it.

So no glamour and studio photography for me and I don’t have to carry suitcases full of lights and tripods. An additional advantage of carrying minimal equipment is that I can travel by bike and train and I don’t have to get a driver’s license. There are already enough cars on the road …”

Kees has also written a number of bicycle touring photo tips in the Dutch language.

Visit Kees Swart’s Photography website.

Peter Gostelow

My interest in photography began with a backpacking trip to Africa and a simple APS camera. Most of the pictures were snapshots, but I quickly grew passionate about documenting what I saw with a camera.

Sitting behind the window of a moving vehicle, as I was then, isn’t a good place to take photographs. Neither is the saddle of a bicycle, but the freedom of being able to stop when I wanted was one of the reasons I took to two-wheeled travel.

Photography played an important part of my 3-year journey Japan to U.K, motivating me to explore different roads and the places I pedaled through and stayed in.

In August 2009 I began the Big Africa Cycle. My route will take me through west, central and southern Africa, a journey of over 25,000km through more than 25 countries.

You can follow Peter’s trips via his website.