Whats new

Major additions to the site are posted here.

October 2019

Morocco has just been added to the website. It’s one of our favourite destinations.

December 2018

Myanmar is now online. It’s a country full of golden temples, Buddha statues and curious, friendly people. Plus we’ve added Oman, a great country for wild camping.

November 2018

Bangladesh has just been added. We loved the rickshaw culture there.

September 2018

We’ve added Thailand and Laos.

Plus two new photo galleries of our favorite cycle touring and bike culture shots from around the globe.

August 2018

At long last, Argentina and Malaysia have been added to the list of destinations.

May 2018

Another country has been placed online, Bolivia.

April 2018

A new destination has been added, China!

November 2017

Our new updated WordPress site goes online.

November 2010

In that year we pedaled off on a multi-year trip to photograph the diverse bicycle cultures, capture the experience of traveling on two wheels, and shoot new Little Red Cyclist images.

July 2006

We met each other 25 years ago while cycling the Bikecentenial Trans America trail. So why not celebrate it with an update on our first tour together.

December 2004

Finally, some new Impressions!!! This update also contains the Little Red Cyclist photo gallery. We hope you enjoy it.

September 2003

A new version of the site has been uploaded.

January 2001

Impressions from Bicycle Travels is now online.