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Reclining Buddha


The Reclining Buddha is enormous. From head to toe he’s more than 200 feet long.

Yet even up close, the perfection and attention to detail is astounding.

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Shwedagon Pagoda

Mind blowing

The Shwedagon is one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites and it’s stunning! The immense gilded stupa is surrounded by temples filled with an array of Buddha statues.

There’s a constant buzz of activity as Burmese from all walks of life come here to pray, give offerings and even have their fortune told.

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Candle festival


Upon arrival, we saw Burmese placing candles around the Botahtaung pagoda.

“Let’s stick around and see what happens,” Paul said.

So happy we did!

It was a privilege to witness the Festival of Lights, it celebrates Buddha’s descent from heaven.

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Irrawaddy boat trip

Slow boat

From Bagan, we caught a ride on the local freight boat to Pyay.

It was a leisurely three-day journey.

We just sat on the deck, viewing the scenery and watching everything that happened around us.

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Cycling in Myanmar


We set off in the early morning, passing shops, temples and monks doing their rounds.

That was our favorite time of day before the heat intensified.

By mid-day, all we wanted was a cold drink and some shade.

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