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Festive cargo bike


Store openings are celebrated with fanfare and colourful decorations.

As soon as the festivities have ended, off go the rented ornaments to the next new establishment.

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Neon reflections on Guihu lake in Guilin.

Its a light show we never tired of watching.

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At the market whole pigs were laid out for sale while chickens were brought in for slaughter.

Some products we recognized but others, forget it!

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Tianfu square


Chengdu has more than 14 million inhabitants, but you wouldn’t realize that while strolling through Tianfu Square.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with people coming to watch the light show and chat with friends.

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After too much climbing – we lay comatose on our hotel bed.

Through the window, we stared at the neon sign on the other side of the street.

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