Category: New destinations


We’ve just added Morocco, it’s one of our favourite places to ride!

The country has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Combined with gorgeous architecture and hospitable people, it’s a winning combination.


We’ve just added Oman, a great destination for those who love wild camping!


Myanmar has just been added to our list of destinations.

It’s a country full of golden temples, Buddha statues and curious, friendly people.


Ahhh, Bangladesh! One of our favorite countries on earth.

It’s the capital of bicycle (rickshaw) culture and also a great place to travel through.

Thailand + Laos

Thailand and Laos have just been added to the list of destinations.

Plus we’ve added two new photo galleries of our favorite cycle touring and bicycle culture images from around the world.


At long last, Argentina has been added to our list of destinations.

The never-ending Ruta 40 led us through this country.

Accompanied by a playlist of road trip songs that played through our heads – the miles flew by.


We’ve just added a new destination to the site, Bolivia!

Cycling the Salars was one of our all-time favorite experiences.

Who can resist pedaling through such a surreal landscape?


Chinese woman cycles to the marketWe’ve just added a new destination to the site, China!

China is what bicycle touring is all about, adventure.

Even though we couldn’t communicate, read signs or even identify what we were eating, we just jumped in.

We passed sidewalks filled with dancing office workers, street cleaners in high heels and pedaled through some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world.