Willem writes:

“It must have been in 1984 when I was on vacation with my parents in Wallis, Switzerland. In St Maurice, we suddenly had to stop the car. At tremendous speed, a “peloton” racing cyclists passed us by. That was my introduction to the Tour de France and cycling in the mountains. A love affair was born.

In the coming years, I cycled through the Dutch regions of Achterhoek and Twente. The Ardennes and the French Alps followed in the early nineties, after which Marieke and I took the bicycles with us to Switzerland, Italy, and Norway. What a superb feeling to climb a mountain. In 2000 our first, genuine cycling holiday was a fact: our honeymoon in Slovenia.

To suffer yet keep on going, to pitch my tent and live life simply: that gives me a sense of freedom and satisfaction. It also explains my love for cycling vacations, and for cycling over mountains in particular. And the nice thing is: there is still so much left to see. The Andes, Rockies, Pamir, and Himalaya are on my wishlist, but let’s start with Europe!”

You can see more of Willem Megens photos on his website.