Category: Bicycle touring photography tips

Model release

Companies want a model release signed by the person in the image before they will publish it in an advertisement, catalogue, etc. The release states that the photographed person gives permission for the picture to be used……


Keep an eye out for humorous situations. They might not seem funny at the time but afterwards these pictures usually turn out to be favorites.

Photo backup

A backup isn’t just having all of your trip pictures on one hard drive. You need to store multiple copies of your photos in at least two different places in case one of your electronic devices fails.


Converging lines

Roads that start wide and end in a point (converging lines) give your image a three dimensional effect.

To emphasize the effect try shooting with a wide angle lens.

Camera equipment

“There are as many different ways of making an enjoyable bicycle journey as there are stars in the sky. I’ve yet to meet two cyclists who could agree on what equipment to carry.” ~ Nicholas Crane           The same holds true for cycling photographers. The amount and weight of camera equipment…

Self portraits

Two things are important when taking self-portraits; a small camera tripod and extra time. The tripod – so that the camera remains level and extra time since you usually need to take a number……