Ben Page

Ben Page is a multi-award winning filmmaker, adventurer and photographer based in the UK. He spends his time travelling to some of the world’s remotest corners under human power in search of……


Colorful parked rickshaws in Bangladesh.

Ahhh, Bangladesh! One of our favorite countries on earth.

It’s a capital of bicycle (rickshaw) culture and also a great place to travel through.


Heike Pirngruber

Heike Pirngruber aka ‘Pushbikegirl’ is from Heidelberg, Germany. She’s pedaled over 50 countries, 75.000 Km. and her current tour started in May 2013. Before 2013, she only left for months at a……

Saving money for a long bike trip

Photo: Tracy Olson

Internet is full of round-the-world travelogues. But how do the riders manage to get the funds together you ask?

After meeting a number of multi-year touring cyclists. Plus……

Thailand + Laos

Thailand beach with palm trees and fishing boats.

Thailand and Laos have just been added to the list of destinations.

Plus we’ve added two new photo galleries of our favorite cycle touring and …

Eric Timmerman

In the spring of 2016, Eric Timmerman and Olivia Cuenca set off to ride their bicycles around the world.

In attempts to stay away from pavement and traffic as……


A small red cyclist heads towards the mountains in Northern Argentina.

At long last, Argentina has been added to our list of destinations.

The never-ending Ruta 40 led us through this country.

Accompanied by a playlist of road trip songs……

Cycling self portraits

For better-composed solo riding photos, consider investing in a remote control. The image right was made by setting up the camera tripod, then deciding at which point I wanted to photograph us bicycling. I……


Cycling across the immense Salar de Uyuni.

We’ve just added a new destination to the site, Bolivia!

Cycling the Salars was one of our all-time favorite experiences.

Who can resist pedaling through such a surreal……


Touring bicycles are leaned against a wall with Chinese writing on it.

We’ve just added a new destination to the site, China!

China is what bicycle touring is all about, adventure.

Even though……