Grace Johnson

While growing up in Seattle, my girlfriend Wendy and I hatched plans to drive across the country after high school. But there was a slight problem, our map reading skills. As our parents pointed out, “You guys still get lost driving around Seattle, so how will you get there?”

Then I remembered reading about the Trans America trail. If we joined a Bikecentennial group tour, then there would be other members to help point us in the right direction. Plus my little brother had once gone on a bike trip. Being a smug older sister, I figured it couldn’t be that difficult.

After graduating in 1981, we set off. There were some ‘difficult’ times (rain + freezing temps + cotton clothing don’t combine well…) But we loved it, absolutely loved it! I also met Paul and 5 years later moved to Amsterdam.

Since then Paul and I have toured extensively through Europe, Asia, and America. In 2010 we set off to pedal around the globe and photograph bicycle culture. Soon afterward I began publishing Bicycle Traveler magazine. It’s my way of giving back to the bicycle touring community which has so enriched my life.

 Paul Jeurissen

In Amsterdam, I grew up surrounded by two-wheelers. For me, bikes were just everyday objects that you used to go to the shops, work, or school.

Later, when Grace and I started riding through other countries, I discovered that bicycles have many diverse faces and functions around the world. Soon, I was obsessed with capturing by camera these various facets.

Today, my collection of bicycle images encompasses shots from around the globe. I’ve documented the role of the bicycle everywhere from Africa and Asia, where the bicycle is an important means of earning an income, to the subcultures of the Western world (with their bike-centric communities) where the act of riding a bicycle can send a strong political and social message.

Besides photography, I’m also fascinated by music and sound. They have a profound influence on how I experience the countries we travel through. With the advent of digital cameras, I no longer have to lug around sacks full of film rolls, so I quickly appropriated the extra space to carry a piano keyboard plus audio workstation.

Soon you will find my music tracks in the soundscapes section and I’ll be posting about composing while on the road.

The Website

Previously our attic was overflowing with boxes full of slides gathering dust. In a moment of inspiration/madness, Paul said, “Why not place them on internet?” In 2001 Impressions from Bicycle Travels was born.

Since then it’s morphed into a place to post our HDAV series, showcase inspiring images from other bicycle travelers and publish Paul’s music. The site is still a big timesuck, but we love it!

Major additions will be posted to the What’s new page.