Karlijne writes:

“I took my first cycling holiday trip in 1997 when I was living a half a year in Switzerland. I borrowed a mountain bike from a Swiss friend and 2 friends came over from the Netherlands to cycle with me. My bike didn’t have gear racks so my friends had to carry my luggage. I don’t know how we managed to put all of our gear on their 2 bikes while we still had all this unpractical stuff like very voluminous sleeping bags, but we did. After one tiring climb, we tried to avoid steep hills during the rest of the trip, which is rather unpractical in Switzerland, but we enjoyed the exercise and the freedom of bicycle touring. After that many cycling trips followed, preferably in mountainous areas.

This picture of Anneke was taken during my first cycling trip outside Europe, in North Vietnam. I really liked all the kids that we met there. They often cycled as well and they tried to keep up with us or run alongside. Besides that, I enjoyed the beautiful landscape, good food and all the friendly people we met. Plus the different tribes of North Vietnam have fantastic colorful clothing. So Vietnam certainly is a country I would recommend to other cyclists! And now it’s time to start making plans for my next bike trip…”